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NOTICE: SOLARFLARE HEATERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If you already have our product, please be assured that we will continue to honor warranties and supply parts. Otherwise, we recommend you check out the USA-made Sunheat USA1500 infrared heater.

Indoor infrared heaters are almost indisputably the safest, most efficient type of electric space heater ever invented. In the 35 years since John Jones patented his revolutionary Sun-Twin™, companies such as EdenPure™ and ComfortZone™ have recorded sales in the millions. Unfortunately, these and most other brands are now made overseas in places like China and Vietnam, where quality control is often lacking. The SolarFlare stands out among its competitors as the only affordable indoor infrared heater still made in America. is your online source for this remarkable product; here you can learn how an infrared heater works, compare the features of the different models, and place orders through our secure shopping cart. Please contact us if you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!

Standard infrared heater - $399 with free shipping

SolarFlare Standard Infrared Heater

Our top-of-the-line portable heater sports a handsome oak cabinet, a digital thermostat and a set of smooth-rolling casters. more info

Economy infrared heater - $349 with free shipping

SolarFlare Economy Infrared Heater

Swap out the digital thermostat for a dial-type, and save $50 with a heater that doesn't compromise on quality one bit. more info

Made in USA

The entire SolarFlare is made start-to-finish by Amish Mennonite workers in rural Missouri. Don't believe it? Watch the factory tour video.

FREE UPS Shipping

Get your heater deliverable with reliable UPS Ground Shipping at no charge. Lead time before shipping is 5 days or less for Economy and Standard.

3 Year Warranty

Backed by an industry-leading 3-year parts and labor warranty (which you probably won't need). Even the quartz infrared heating elements are included!

Handcrafted Wood Cabinets

Our cabinets are crafted from birch, poplar, and other woods in an Amish Mennonite cabinet shop.

Name Brand Components

No "white box" parts - you'll find brand names like Honeywell and Grainger on our components.

30-day Return Policy

Buy with confidence after reviewing our 30-day Return Policy (something else you're very unlikely to need).

Video Tour of the Factory

Zach, one of the partners in, tours the assembly line at Hostetler Manufacturing Company, the Amish-run factory where SolarFlare infrared heaters are made.

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Got questions?

Send us an email with any questions, open a chat if you see us online (bottom right corner of the screen) or call us at 417-812-5144 Mon-Fri 8:00-6:00, Central Time.

Why Infrared?

The first question most people ask about a portable infrared heater is, "What makes it better than a regular electric space heater?" The two biggest advantages of an infrared heater in this comparison are safety and efficiency.

A well-made infrared heater is almost certainly the safest kind of space heater you can buy. The heating elements inside the SolarFlare™ are fully enclosed in a metal heat chamber, in addition to the wood cabinet, making it almost impossible for them to get close enough to combustible materials to start a fire. The risk of children or pets burning themselves or knocking the heater over is also substantially reduced, if not eliminated.

On the efficiency scorecard, infrared heaters outperform their standard space heater cousins by a wide margin. Using only 1500 watts, the same amount of energy as a low-end radiant heater, an infrared heater provides soft, floor to ceiling heat, dispersed over a much larger area by the infrared technology. What this means for the average homeowner is that the central heating thermostat can be set to a lower level, allowing unused parts of the house to cool, while the heater keeps the den or living area comfortably warm. This very economical technique is known as zone heating, and while it can be done with various heat sources, few are better than infrared.

The efficiency and heat distribution benefits of infrared heaters also make them ideal for warming up the "cold spots" found in some centrally heated houses. Such cold spots can be more than annoying; by forcing you to turn up your central heat, they increase your energy bill.

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About The SolarFlare

In 1977, an inventor named John P. Jones filed for a patent on a portable, indoor infrared heater that he called the Sun-Twin™, so named for soft, even heat it provided, similar to the heat from the sun. He began marketing his heater in hardware stores throughout Missouri and Kansas, and before long the product gained quite a following. In the mid 90's, Jones began having the sheet metal parts in the heater made by HMC, an agricultural products factory in Buffalo, MO that was run by the Mennonite Hostetler family.

In 1999, John Jones passed away, and his heater was eventually sold to BioTech Research, a marketing company better known by their EdenPure™ brand name. BioTech promptly moved the heater manufacturing operation overseas, and at the same time managed to get their heater more national exposure than ever before, picking up endorsements from radio and TV personalities Paul Harvey and Bob Vila. In the meantime, local dealers in the Missouri Ozarks were unhappy that they no longer had a USA-made product to sell. Since Jones' original patents had by now expired, they convinced former employees of Sun-Twin™ to create an updated version of the heater, using as many USA components as possible. The result was the SolarFlare™.

In the past decade, many look-alike infrared heaters have appeared on the market, including the Sunheat™, ComfortZone™, iHeater™, and others. Most are made either partly or completely overseas, with varying degrees of quality. Meanwhile, in the same factory where Mennonite craftsmen first began forming sheet metal parts for John Jones in the 90's, they now manufacture the entire SolarFlare™ heater, making the furniture-grade cabinets in their nearby cabinet shop. The most faithful heir to John Jones' legacy of innovation and craftsmanship is the SolarFlare™ - still proudly made in the United States of America.

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